May 21st

May 2015 - Spotlight on a Business

May 21st, 2015

Featured as the month's Spotlight on a Business is Ironhorse, Inc.

Ironhorse, Inc., cofounded on April 20,1989 by Donald and Jan Glasscock, licensed as a General Contractor and began doing business as a railroad equipment leasing company. In June 1991 the company diversified its operation and started performing railroad construction and maintenance work focusing on industrial railroad requirements. The company has since grown from an owner/operator status to a larger company supporting 45 employees. Vice President of Operations, Scott Jenkel; Operations Manager Mike Lee and Administrative Assistant Paula Phelps are key employees who have been with the company for several years.

The company consists of a select framework of individuals who are responsible, hardworking and self-determined. Their dedication to fairness, integrity and quality is uncompromising. Their primary goal is to provide the best personalized service a company can offer. To maintain this ongoing endeavor, the Ironhorse team will look at each client as their business partner with the clients' best interest at heart.

The company began operations in Ballwin, MO and moved to Baldwin, IL October 31, 1995. Ironhorse, Inc. offers a wide range of capabilities in the construction and maintenance of railroad facilities to enable successful completion of any project. The company is licensed to do business in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Iowa.

Glasscock is joined by wife Jan who runs the company's office. His daughter, Catherine, is the Administrative Assistant and son, Ryan, is a supervisor who works with clients, performs inspections and proposals.

Visit the company's website at or call 618-785-2221.

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