Jan 27th

January 2016 - Spotlight on a Business

January 27th, 2016

Randolph County Abstract

The Red Bud Chamber of Commerce Spotlight on a Business for the month of January is Randolph County Abstract, LLC. The business has locations at 205 East Market in Red Bud as well as 627 State Street in Chester.

Randolph County began recording documents in 1848. In 1871, Randolph County Abstract was established to verify the chain of ownership on each piece of property. The title examiners and searchers reviewed the recorded documents and listed all of the owners, easements and mortgages on each piece of property. After reviews of the tract's history, they would prepare an Abstract listing the recorded documents in chronological order. This practice continued for over 140 years.

In the 1980's/90's, title insurance became the accepted practice for sales and loan transactions. Whereas an Abstract showed only a chain of title, title Insurance insures that the new owner or the bank has a clean title. For many years, Randolph County Abstract was owned and managed by Charlie Best. Eventually, his son, JW Best took over and ran the business. In 2007, JW Sold the business to Randolph County Abstract, LLC. The new company is owned by Richard, Carolyn, Rebecca and Angela Cooper. In 2013, Lucas Liefer became a member of the LLC.

The title examination business has changed since 1871, but basically it has remained the same. The business locates all of the documents which pertain to the tract they are searching; examine each document; and issue either an Owner's Title Insurance Policy or a Loan Policy on the tract of land. In addition, Randolph County Abstract prepares legal documents and acts as a Closing Agent for sales and transfers of real estate. With the new Federal guidelines and requirements, sales are more complicated than before. Randolph County Abstract provides a sage, convenient and practical solution to the problem.

Each office has three employees. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call Red Bud at 282-3866 or Chester at 826-2515 or email [email protected]

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