Apr 1st

April 2020 - Chamber Business of the Month - Red Bud Veterinary Service

April 1st, 2023

Red Bud Veterinary Service has been selected as the April chamber business of the month. What a perfect time to select them as it’s pet first aid awareness month! In 2019 Dr. Ryan Jacob and Dr. Shannon Melliere purchased the clinic from Dr. Church who was the long time owner of the practice. Dr. Shannon currently operates as a silent partner as she also owns and operates an office in Waterloo. With Dr. Ryan being the main doctor at the practice they recently hired Dr. Fuller to help treat furry patients.

They primarily work with small animals, and occasionally get some exotic animals in the clinic. The clinic does offer “urgent care” situations in the event your animal becomes ill or injured. Otherwise, they mainly operate based on scheduled visits. Their main focus is on regular checkups, preventative care, dermatology and Dr. Ryan specializes in orthopedic services. Their beliefs are to have great communication with their clients, keep them up to date with the condition of their animal, keep the animals comfortable and happy! Here is a recent post they shared on how to help your animals during storms. ⛈ Does your dog have a storm or other noise phobia? We can help with that. If you need something to help your pet get through these stressful situations, give us a call to find out what we can do to help!

Another fantastic service that Red Bud Veterinary provides is outside of Red Bud. They provide clinical services to shelters and animal control departments throughout the metro east. They typically will pickup the animal that needs help, bring them back to the Red Bud clinic and preform the services required. By doing this the animal can then be put up for adoption and essentially given a second life!

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