Mar 25th

2023 Citizens of Achievement - Kalin & Kathy Liefer

March 25th, 2023

Saturday night we had the privilege of awarding our 2023 Citizen of the year. This year’s recipient is not one but two. Kalin and Kathy Liefer. Here is a short excerpt from their nomination: I have asked both, “why more?”, and both respond without hesitation; “because it makes the town better”. It’s that attitude that had has kept their focus on continuing to grow their company from 30 team members to now nearly 200, while prioritizing that the jobs remain local. This emphasis on continuing to hire from within the community and surrounding areas has allowed nearly 800 team members to work and support themselves and their families throughout the years. Kalin and Kathy have been and will continue to be selfless in their servitude towards to the town and the members of it, in an effort to reach their ultimate goal to make Red Bud better. We thank Kalin and Kathy for all the have done and will do to make Red Bud such a wonderful community.

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