Feb 1st

February 2023 - Chamber Business of the Month - IGA

February 1st, 2023

Our first Business of the Month is none other than IGA!

First things first- What’s IGA stand for? Independent Grocers Alliance!
The newest ownership has owned the business for 27 years and are happy to serve the community.

One of the first questions we asked Bryon was “what do you love about the community of Red Bud?” In summary, Byron talked about all the families coming in throughout the years & seeing kids grow up and become adults and still shopping at IGA. He and the rest of the seasoned staff have enjoyed watching the community continuously support their business.

In our last post, we asked “what’s the biggest seller” , and Milk was the correct answer!

In our conversation with Byron, we asked about what struggles they are facing with all of the rapid changes, and he said supply chains issues were the biggest problem. Luckily for them, staffing has been great. But the supply issues in regards to inventory is the biggest hiccup. So if you go to IGA and they are missing Brooks Chili Beans, it’s not from a lack of effort from the staff. They just can’t get them! Byron mentioned that product in particular was tough to find. But all in all, it’s hard for them to predict what will be available & what won’t, but he appcreaties the community being so patient with them.

On another note- we asked Byron “what changes in the industry over the years were most surprising?”. He answered with- The amount of Products we get over the years have been crazy. Before they had the regular groceries, and over the years they have expanded the line of products. One thing in particular that was surprising to Byron was bottled water. He remember when it first hit the shelves and he thought to himself, no way people will buy this stuff. As we all know, it’s now become a household fixture.

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